Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chodhi-Day Three of Onam Festival

Chodhi-Day Three of Onam Festival
Third day of the ten day long festival of Onam is called Chothi or chodi. The day is marked by lots of activities. Frenzied shopping can be witnessed in all the market place as everybody buys new clothes and accessories for the grand festival of Onam

Aranmula Uthrittathi - Boat Event of Onam
This is another superb boat event organized in connection with Onam. This annual event takes place on the day of Uthrittathi Asterism at Aranmula. It’s meant to relive mythology that narrates a story of Lord Krishna crossing the river on that particular day. It is assumed that the spirit of the Lord is present on all the boats hence there is no competition of any sort in this event. Onam Recipe



Nicely chopped ginger – 4 spoons
Curd – 6 spoons
Salt – as required

Method of preparation
Mix all the ingredients and stir well. The injithair is ready.

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