Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Chicken Pepper Fry -Ramadan Special

1.Chicken  300 gms
2.Onion  75 gms
3.Curry leaves 5 gms
4.Salt to taste
5.Oil 20 ml
6.Garlic 10 gms
 1.Turmeric 2 gms
2.Chilly powder 5 gms
3.Pepper corns 10 gms
4.Cumin 3 gms
5.Ginger 5 gms  

Preparation Method

•Wash chicken pieces and cook in half a cup of water adding salt and the ground spices till tender.
•Fry chopped onion and curry leaves in oil till golden brown.
•Add the cooked chicken and fry for few minutes.

Another Method
•Boil the chicken pieces in salt and turmeric.
•Then fry onion and curry leaves and add the boiled chicken and
•Then the masalas and
•fry for few minutes

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