Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dry Ckicken curry Keral style


1.Chicken - 1 Kg

2.Coconut,grated - 2 tsp

3.Coriander Seeds - 2 tsp

4.Cinnamon - 4

5.Cloves - 6 Nos.

6.Onion (Big) - 3 Nos.

7.Garlic - 12 Flakes

8.Ginger - 1 Inch Piece

9.Red Chillies - 10 Nos.

10.Coriander Leaves - A handful

11.Onions, cut finely - 2 Nos.

12.Tomatoes,Chopped - 2-3 Nos.

13.Ghee (For Frying) - as required

14.Salt - To Taste

1.Fry the grated coconut till brown in colour in a little ghee.
2.Grind together fried grated coconut,Coriander seeds, cinnamon, cloves, onions, garlic, ginger, red chillies, coriander leaves to a fine paste without water.
3.Remove the masala,pass water in the mixer jar and keep water aside.
4.In a vessel heat 2 tsps ghee and fry onions till brown.
5.Then add the chicken pieces, chopped tomatoes, salt and stir on low fire for 10 minutes.
6.Then add the ground masala and masala water.
7.Cook the chicken curry until quite dry


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Anonymous said...

this picture is copied from another blog..actually, most of the pics in your blog r copied from other food blogs...pathetic!!